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  • Mar 08 @ 01:30 PM
    Elias String Quartet
    Walter Hall
  • Ton Beau String Quartet
    The quartet's name is derived from Douglas Hofstadter's book Le Ton Beau de Marot (1997), and a p...
  • Stephanie Tritchew
  • Jun 03 @ 01:00 PM
    Dundas Brass And The Lulaworld Stage @ D...
    Dundas West Fest
  • Fawn Opera & New Music
    FAWN Opera & New Music is a collective, dedicated to presenting the work of both musical and visu...
  • Bryan Cheng
  • Jun 16 @ 08:00 PM
    “o Mare Canta”: The Evolution Of The...
    Heliconian Hall
  • Ladom Ensemble
    An acoustic quartet who integrates traditional Persian and Balkan musics within a contemporary cl...
  • Ori Dagan
  • Jun 08 @ 07:00 PM
    Lulaworld Day 8: Ed Cherry Trio
    Lula Lounge
  • Utsc Alumni And Community Concert Band
    Creating a community of musicians from different walks of life that can share in the joy of ensem...
  • Keith Hamm
  • Patrick G. Jordan
  • Jane Bunnett
  • Aaron Schwebel
  • Jamie Kruspe
  • Guillermo González
  • Jerry Pergolesi
    Artistic director

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