The Lesson Of Da Ji In Concert

July 14 clock 05:29 PM


Music Gallery
Toronto, ON

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Toronto Masque Theatre

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Join us for an in-concert presentation of The Lesson of Da Ji, winner of the 2013 Dora Mavor Moore award for Outstanding New Musical/Opera. The libretto – from an ancient myth based on a true story about the concubine Da Ji and her forbidden love for a young nobleman –  is by Marjorie Chan, and the music, in which traditional baroque instruments (viola da gamba, lute, violin, recorders) are joined by Chinese instruments (pipa, erhu and guzheng), is by Alice Ping Yee Ho. Together Ho and Chan have created an opera of unusual intensity and beauty.

With a stunning cast, fresh from recording the opera for a Centrediscs release later this year, you are in for a rare treat of one of Canada’s finest new operas.

Toronto Masque Theatre is one of the only companies in the world devoted to the masque form. Taking our inspiration from the traditional masque - a courtly entertainment that combined elements of dance, music, drama and spectacle - we reinvent and renew the art form for contemporary audiences. To date, we have commissioned eight new works from Canadian artists.

Featured Program

Composer: Alice Ping Yee Ho

Librettist: Marjorie Chan

Conductor: Larry Beckwith



Marion Newman, mezzo-soprano, as Da Ji, concubine to the king

Derek Kwan, tenor, as Bo Yi, her lover

Vania Chan, coloratura soprano, the maid and the moon

Charlottee Corwin, soprano, the duchess

Benjamin Covey, baritone, the duke

Alexander Dobson, baritone, the king

and special guest

William Lau, Peking Opera singer

Instrumentalists (Chinese)

Patty Chan, erhu

Ziwen Cynthia Qin, guzheng

Wen Zhao, pipa

Instrumentalists (Baroque)

Elizabeth Loewen Andrews, violin

Patty Chan, erhu

Kathleen Kajioka, violin

Lucas Harris, lute

Beverley Johnson, percussion

Alison Melville, recorder

Joelle Morton, viola da gamba

Wesley Shen, harpsichord