Tales From Turtle Island

June 03 clock 08:00 PM


Alliance Fran├žaise
Toronto, ON

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Presented by:

Spectrum Music

Event Details

Toronto Composers Collective, Spectrum Music brings storytelling and musicians together in a special concert for Canada’s 150th birthday. One of our oldest art forms, storytelling remains an important part of the culture of many Indigenous communities in Turtle Island, the land that encompasses most of North America.


Playwright Yolanda Bonnell has written a collection of five new pieces to be paired with new compositions by the Spectrum composers. Actor Rachel Cantin will perform the pieces alongside an ensemble featuring members of the Metis Fiddler Quartet and DJ/electronic artist Classic Roots.  Classic Roots (aka Joshua DePerry) will perform a solo piece for electronics and Pow Wow dance.



Violin- Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk
Violin- Nick Delbaere-Sawchuk
Cello- Danton Delbaere-Sawchuk
Alto saxophone- Olivia Shortt
Electronics- Joshua DePerry aka Classic Roots
Storyteller- Rachel Cantin


Pow Wow by Yolanda Bonnell, music interpretation by Shannon Graham
Anishnaabe Kwe Pt 1 by Yolanda Bonnell, music interpretation by Chelsea McBride
Red Waters by Yolanda Bonnell, music interpretation by Lieke van der Voort
Anishnaabe Kwe Pt 2 by Yolanda Bonnell, music interpretation by Kristian Podlacha
Blood Cells by Yolanda Bonnell, music interpretation by Jay Vazquez
Memere Colibri by Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk