A Complicated Friendship: Brahms And Schumann

August 18 clock 11:33 PM


Eastminster United Church
Toronto, Ontario

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Academy Concert Series

Event Details

The season will launch on November 10, 2018, with “A Complicated Friendship: Brahms and Schumann.” The program includes a Brahms violin sonata, Schumann piano quartet and Brahms first piano quartet written in the years following Robert Schumann’s death. The theme highlights the very complicated relationship and friendship Brahms and Schumann had with each other. Guest artists are pianist Jeanie Ching and violinist Sheila Jaffé.

Featured Program


  • Sonata no. 2 in A major by Johannes Brahms
  • Piano quartet by Schumann
  • Piano Quartet no. 1 in G minor by Johannes Brahms


  • Jeanie Chung, piano
  • Sheila Jaffé, violin
  • Emily Eng, viola
  • Kerri McGonigle, cello