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Heliconian Hall
Toronto, ON

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Vesuvius Ensemble

Event Details

On Good Friday, many devoted communities in Southern Italy still walk along an ancient footpath toward a holy sanctuary, singing powerful melodies along the way.  In this special Good Friday performance, the Vesuvius Ensemble will take you along a sacred musical journey, offering both traditional and composed music which considers the sacred mysteries of life and death.


Vesuvius Ensemble

Francesco Pellegrino – voice, chitarra battente

Marco Cera – oboe, guitars, mandolin

Lucas Harris – archlute, colascione, guitar


Special Guests

Felix Deak - violoncello

Agnes Zsigovics - Soprano



Meden Glas

Irene Markoff - voice

Ekaterina Pyatkova - voice

Nadia Younan - voice

Mario Morello - voice

Jamieson Eakin - voice


Meden Glas (meaning “sweet as honey” or conversely, “a “silvery, metallic timbre”)

is a Toronto-based band and project that joins like-minded singer-instrumentalists who share a passion for ear-bending sounds and grassroots music from the Balkans (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Greece, and Turkey) in addition to peripheral musical cultures (Italian, Russian, Kurdish, Iranian, and Romani ). Drawing from solid musical expertise tied to their own individual ethnicity and a strong commitment to extensive research and intensive study of other musical cultures, Meden Glas members have captivated audiences with their mastery of diverse vocal styles that project with chilling resonance, soulful sweetness, and microtonal affect.





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