Symphronica Season 7 (2019/20): The Opener!

November 09 clock 07:30 PM


918 Bathurst
Toronto, ON

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Fresh from a successful run of August shows at the world's largest arts festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Ron Davis and SymphRONica embark on a seventh (!) season of - in the words of one U.K. Fringe reviewer - "jazz like you’ve never heard it before".

SymphRONica was chosen as a Fringe Critics' Pick by The Herald. Best of Fringe by Out of Hand Scotland. Four Stars from the prestigious Wee Review. Audience reviews on the Fringe website included such raves as "Phenomenal" and "Jazz genius at work". 

For this season opener, SymphRONica will be offering new music and some old favourites, but always featuring Ron's and SymphRONica's commitment to the energy and beauty of the music via their rewiring of jazz with other influences. Come hear what all the buzz in the U.K. was about!