The Heliconian Club

Toronto, Canada

A Cub for women in the arts and letters

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February 19 clock 07:30 PM

Humanities Salon “toronto Libraries’ Hidden Treasures”

The Toronto Public Library system is one of this city’s treasures: home to millions of books, films and music. But less well-known are the library’s Special Collections of historical, rare and uniqu...More Info »

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March 08 clock 07:30 PM

Famous Queens, Heroines, And Fallen Women

Queens, heroines, and fallen women have long been lauded in song, word, and dance. Heliconian musicians will celebrate the lives of Cleopatra, Juliet, Marie Antoinette, Ophelia, and Anne Boleyn among others, as...More Info »

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March 26 clock 07:30 PM

Visual Art Salon. “artist On Fire: An Intimate Look Into Joyce Wieland's Studio With Artist Frances Patella”.

In the world of major artists and their assistants much is left mysterious to the public. Join us as we host Frances Patella, photo based mixed media artist and former assistant to Joyce Wieland, who will relat...More Info »

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April 16 clock 07:30 PM

Drama Salon “hannah Moscovitch: Playwriting”

Hannah Moscovitch is one of the strongest playwriting voices in Canada. Her work has won multiple awards and has been performed at the National Arts Centre, Tarragon, Neptune and Stratford theatres. She will ta...More Info »

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April 26 clock 07:30 PM

A Night At The Opera

Opera glasses in hand, prepare for an evening of spectacular operatic solos and ensembles, transcriptions, and overtures. Along with opera’s greatest hits, the programme will include selections by Helicon...More Info »

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May 07 clock 07:30 PM

Music Salon “the Joy Of Singing With Stephanie Bogle”

Join operatic soprano Stephanie Bogle in discovering your singing voice. Touching on vocal technique, style and health, Stephanie will guide us through vocal demonstrations and exercises that are fun and relaxi...More Info »

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June 11 clock 07:30 PM

Literature Salon “voices From South Africa With Bianca Marias

In July of 2012, Bianca Marais moved with her husband and four pets from Johannesburg, South Africa to Toronto. Just four years later, the aspiring writer burst onto the international literary stage with her de...More Info »

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