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September 27 clock 07:00 PM

Bill Davis: The Life Of An Extraordinary Premier

LECTURE - TALK IN ENGLISHBILL DAVIS: THE LIFE OF AN EXTRAORDINARY PREMIERWilliam Davis was one of the most important premiers in Canadian history. The longest-serving premier of Ontario in the twentieth century...More Info »

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September 28 clock 06:30 PM

Film Memories Of The Great War

LECTURE - TALK IN ENGLISHThis lecture will be organized as part of a series of 3 film screenings devoted to the First World War. The lecture will deal with the visions of the Great War as seen by three differen...More Info »

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October 04 clock 07:00 PM

Literary Encounter – ‘’the Search For Heinrich SchlÖge’...

LECTURE - TALK IEN FRENCHLITERARY ENCOUNTER – “THE SEARCH FOR HEINRICH SCHLÖGEL’’: MUSIC AND POST CARDSMartha Baillie, a Canadian novelist, will discuss her latest book published by...More Info »

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October 18 clock 07:00 PM

A History Of Beauty

LECTURE - TALK IN FRENCHA HISTORY OF BEAUTYStandards of beauty have varied across the ages. In this talk, we will describe what different cultures and eras have found pleasing or displeasing about the body: all...More Info »

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October 24 clock 07:00 PM

Discussion With The Writer Sylvain Prudhomme

SPECIAL EVENTS - SPECIAL EVENT DISCUSSION WITH THE WRITER SYLVAIN PRUDHOMME in French Sylvain Prudhomme is the author of four novels including several taking place in contempo...More Info »

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October 25 clock 07:00 PM

Political Feelings: Moving Society

LECTURE - TALK IN FRENCHPOLITICAL FEELINGS: MOVING SOCIETYEmotions animate human bodies, making us feel pleasure and displeasure. This lecture aims to illuminate how and under what circumstances these links bec...More Info »

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October 28 clock 08:00 PM

Legend & Lore

In our modern world, what use do we have for mythology? Whether it be urban legend, ghost story, harmless superstition, or cultivating our own personal myths, our ancient love of legend and lore is certainly al...More Info »

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November 08 clock 01:00 PM  Multidates

Cinema Remembrance

CINEMA REMEMBRANCEWith Isabelle Durin (violin) and Michaël Ertzscheid (piano)Music and film form a true love story.Isabelle Durin and Michaël Ertzscheid, two talented French musicians, will share...More Info »

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November 10 clock 08:00 PM

1917: The Trenches, A Musical Cradle

With Joanne Morra (voice)Eric St-Laurent (guitar)and Rachel Melas (double bass)In 1917, France embraced the Jazz music Black American soldiers had brought with them. “The War had changed music-al tastes, ...More Info »

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March 02, 2018 clock 08:00 PM

From Rome To Venice : Sonates By Corelli, Vivaldi, Veracini A...

Concert by Stradivaria - Ensemble Baroque de Nantes (France)With Music Director Daniel Cuiller, formerly the first violin with l’orchestre des Arts Florissants, Stradivaria reconnects with the music of th...More Info »

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March 23, 2018 clock 09:00 PM

Claude Debussy: Scandal And Mystery Of Free Expression

By Olivier De Spiegeleir (piano)For 20 years, Belgium pianist Olivier de Spiegeleir has travelled the world performing his “commentated recitals”, an original and enjoyable formula. During this conc...More Info »

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April 07, 2018 clock 08:00 PM

An Evening Of Slam – Free Together

With Joy (Belgium), Caylah (Madagascar), Yao (Ontario) and D-Track (Québec).4 young slameurs from diverse francophone backgrounds, will come together for a unique evening of poetry and music to celebrate...More Info »

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April 14, 2018 clock 09:00 PM

Sounds Of Senegal

With Élage MbayeDrummer and Song Writer Élage mixes traditional music from his home country Senegal and modern music. The result is a sensational music inspired from his African roots.Co-presented...More Info »

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April 21, 2018 clock 08:00 PM

100 Years Of Jazz Double Bass

With Bernard Dionne and his guestsDiscover the music of great musicians with a true enthusiast Torontonian double bassist, Bernard Dionne, who will be accompanied by his band. The evening will include pieces in...More Info »

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April 27, 2018 clock 08:00 PM

Dance, Dance! The Transformation Of The World

Special Concert featuring Jean Rondeau (harpsichord)“Dance, dance! Otherwise we are lost”.Here are the words of Pina Bausch that, barycentrically, bring together static movement in a comprehensive r...More Info »

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May 06, 2018 clock 02:00 PM

Ce Qu’a Vu Le Vent D’ouest – Fantastic Impressions On Ed...

This family-friendly music and storytelling show combines theatre and classical music to depict an encounter between Edgar Alan Poe and Debussy, between the famous short story The Fall of the House of Usher and...More Info »

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May 26, 2018 clock 09:00 PM

Griot Traditions Of Mali

With Tapa DiarraDjely Sountougoumba ‘Tapa’ Diarra was born in Kayes, Mali and is a descendant from a long line of griots. She is blessed with the voice of her mother Kandia Kouyate and the talents o...More Info »

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