Heliconian Hall

35 Hazelton Ave

Toronto, ON

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March 02 clock 07:30 PM

Is The Air Not Sacred?

The words of David Suzuki intersperse this program reflecting on the fragility of the atmosphere we take for granted. Singers Maria Soulis, Paula Arciniega, Jean Edwards and Allison Arends and wind players Jaye...More Info »

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March 09 clock 07:30 PM

Two Pioneers And A Smart-aleck Kid

Join the Eybler quartet as they continue to develop a relationship with their new best friend, the early quartet composer Franz Asplmayr! Another early work, one of Haydn’s op. 20 quartets dating from jus...More Info »

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March 20 clock 06:30 PM

Visual Art Salon: Charles Hill - Women Artists In Early Twentiet...

Charles Hill, former Curator of Canadian Art at the National Gallery of Canada, will speak about the origin and history of the Heliconian Club in the social context of the 1900s, during which time women artists...More Info »

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March 30 clock 08:00 PM

In Deum

On Good Friday, many devoted communities in Southern Italy still walk along an ancient path toward a holy sanctuary, singing powerful melodies along the way.  In this special Good Friday performance, the V...More Info »

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April 17 clock 06:30 PM

Humanities Salon: Katherine Govier - The Shoe Project

The Humanities Section of the Toronto Heliconian Club presents a timely performance by participants in The Shoe Project, a workshop for immigrant and refugee women who tell the stories of their journeys to...More Info »

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April 27 clock 07:30 PM


So who`s your favourite composer? Bach is no. 1 for many. Mezzo Soprano Paula Arciniega joins members of the Heliconian Club and Quartet to perform their favourite works (and probably yours, too) by Johann Seba...More Info »

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May 01 clock 06:30 PM

Dance Salon: Kathleen Fraser And Jane Spooner - Flirting With Te...

The goddess of dance can cast a beguiling spell. Kathleen Fraser and Jane Spooner know this all too well from 20 years of work in their fields of interest, Egyptian belly dancing and Russian-influenced classica...More Info »

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May 10 clock 07:30 PM

Late Masterpieces

While neither Mozart nor Beethoven was aware that they were close to their end, we see these as late works from each composer. Italian clarinettist Tindaro Capuano joins the Eyblers for their Toronto Seaso...More Info »

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May 11 clock 08:00 PM

Novecento Napoletano

Vesuvius concludes its season with a concert of popular songs from the nineteenth century.  Many of these melodies accompanied immigrants traveling towards the Americas.  Full of hope but also of sadn...More Info »

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May 15 clock 06:30 PM

Music Salon: Kye Marshall And Don Thompson - Bach To Bop

Acclaimed cellist/composer Kye Marshall and award winning pianist Don Thompson present "Bach to Bop:  A Journey into Jazz". The differences between jazz and classical music, the fascinatin' r...More Info »

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