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Toronto, ON

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March 05 clock 07:30 PM

How Sweet Is The Passion: A Concert Of Italian Love Cantatas

An intimate evening of 18th-century Italian chamber music, featuring cantatas by Lotti, Aldrovandini, Handel and Mancini (Francesco, not Henry!), an oboe sonata by Ferrandini, and a wonderful Follia for solo ha...More Info »

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March 13 clock 07:30 PM

Folkloric - Canadian Women Composers

Join Heliconian musicians for an evening steeped in legend, exploring and celebrating cultural heritage. Along with traditional Canadian gems and contemporary composers, you will hear from Di Cas...More Info »

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March 31 clock 07:30 PM

Music Salon: Adventures In Classical Music And Beyond

With Ottie Lockey, director of Ottie Lockey Management. Memories from the early days of Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra shared by the orchestra’s first managing director, Ottie Lockey.  Subsequent exper...More Info »

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April 24 clock 07:30 PM

Dance The Night Away

Put on your dancing shoes for this diverse tribute to dance. Your toes will be tapping as you listen to dances from pavanes to polkas, from waltzes to rhumbas, from ballets to boleros. For a rous...More Info »

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April 28 clock 07:30 PM

Humanities Salon: The Ability To Love: L’arche And The Legacy ...

With Beth Porter, member of L’Arche Daybreak community. Founded in 1964, L’Arche was the vision of Jean Vanier. He began by inviting some persons with intellectual dis­abilities to share a home ...More Info »

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May 02 clock 08:00 PM

The Tale Of Tales

In collaboration with StoryFusion (Storytelling Toronto) By popular demand, Vesuvius brings back our program of tales by Giambattista Basile’s Pentamerone (The Tale of Tales).  Originally w...More Info »

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May 12 clock 07:30 PM

Dance Salon: From Ballroom Lessons To Centre Stage

With Amy Bowring, Executive and Curatorial Director of Dance Collection Danse. At this salon, we shall learn of some of the fascinating personalities of the Heliconian dance community. Dance historian Amy ...More Info »

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May 28 clock 08:00 PM

“so You Wanna Be Americano?” Intro To Italian Swing

As Southern Italy became Americanized in the years following World War II, this traditional rural society saw their young people playing baseball, smoking Camel cigarettes, and drinking whisky & sodas. ...More Info »

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