Heliconian Hall

35 Hazelton Ave

Toronto, ON

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May 31 clock 08:00 PM

The Plucking Opera

Vesuvius delves into the world of nineteenth-century opera, where the latest popular melodies were sung by commoners in the streets and played on whatever instruments were around. This unique concert explores t...More Info »

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June 08 clock 08:00 PM

Alternate Takes

Alternate Takes is a musical program designed to explore how pieces of music for variable instrumentation reveal themselves differently when played on various instruments. It’s quite surprising how just a...More Info »

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June 11 clock 07:30 PM

Literature Salon “voices From South Africa With Bianca Marias

In July of 2012, Bianca Marais moved with her husband and four pets from Johannesburg, South Africa to Toronto. Just four years later, the aspiring writer burst onto the international literary stage with her de...More Info »

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