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Toronto, ON

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April 27 clock 07:30 PM

Eybler Quartet: Haydn Central + Vanhal Cd Release

Who was the dominant superstar of the early string quartet? Joseph Haydn!! Join the Eybler Quartet for an evening of infectiously engaging works revolving around him, including a piece by the master himself, on...More Info »

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April 14 clock 08:00 PM

“passio”: The Mater Dolorosa In Popular Tradition

On this special Good Friday concert, we present a unique comparison of popular and classical music for Holy Week with a particular emphasis on the Mother of Sorrows.  Anguished melodies from various folk t...More Info »

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June 16 clock 08:00 PM

“o Mare Canta”: The Evolution Of The Canzone Napoletana

The sea has long been a source of inspiration for Neapolitan musicians and poets, whose legendary founder Parthenope threw herself into the sea in despair after failing to seduce Ulysses with her song.  Th...More Info »

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